5 Inventive Ways to Raise Awareness of Your Brand

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One of those ideas that you know you should grasp, but maybe you just can’t quite put your finger on? That’s brand awareness. You’re not by yourself.

It seems easy on the surface. Being aware of your brand is known as brand awareness. However, how is that measured? And what precise notion of brand awareness makes sense for your company?

Brand awareness: what is it?

The degree to which people can identify your brand and are even “aware” that it exists at all is known as brand awareness. Brand awareness is a notion that encompasses several distinct KPIs, from traffic to social share of voice, rather than being a single, straightforward number.

For now, consider brand awareness as one sign of brand health; we’ll go into more detail about how to assess it later in this post.

Why is brand awareness important?

Good brand recognition and awareness indicate that when consumers consider the kind of goods or services you offer, they immediately think of your brand. It is simpler to connect with social media content efficiently when people are familiar with your logo or catchphrase, especially when it comes to short-form video or photographs.

Building brand loyalty requires first establishing brand awareness. Customers can’t truly adore your brand before they are aware of it, after all.

5 strategies to raise brand recognition

Establish a well-known brand

A crucial first step in increasing brand recognition is brand building. This implies that you must be very clear about your brand’s identity and mission. How does your brand appear? Sound like? represent?

Among the essential elements of a recognizable brand are:

Which tone do you employ? Do you dress formally or casually? Serious or cheesy? Serious or lighthearted?

It’s not necessary to adopt the same tone across all formats. On social media, your brand language may be lighter and more playful than, example, in print advertisements. You may even start using TikTok instead of Facebook occasionally.

However, your messaging about your product and to customers should ultimately be consistent across all platforms. Adhere to your style guide and select a few important words and phrases that are consistent.

Brand design

Building a brand and increasing brand awareness require consistency. That applies to both your appearance and your speech.

Which colors best represent your brand? Typefaces? How do you appear on sites that are mostly visual, such as Instagram and TikTok?

Brand principles

We’ve discussed defining your appearance and voice. However, your brand identity is defined by your beliefs. Establishing a distinct set of brand values is the most crucial step in creating a distinctive brand.

Don’t obsess over what you believe the ideal values should be. While charitable giving and corporate gifts are important ways to live up to your brand values, they are not the only ways to achieve this. This is primarily about establishing your brand’s values and showing that in all of your communications with clients and staff.

Logo and Timeline

You could argue these are part of your brand voice and aesthetic, but they’re essential enough they ought to be called out on their own. These are the instantly recognizable manifestations of your brand.

Add value that goes beyond your merchandise

Adding value beyond your product is a crucial strategy for developing long-term brand awareness. Consider how you can enlighten, teach, or amuse people.

Do any members of your team possess specialist knowledge? Talk about it with others! Use a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, or newsletter to share your information.

Direct sales should not be the goal of this. Rather, this is a method of increasing brand awareness and fostering relationships that gives audiences additional chances to get to know your company.

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